Welcome to the World of Coralia Leets

Over the next few weeks we will be sitting down with the designer herself to discuss her new collections and get an inside look into her life and inspirations.

You debuted some new collections this year; can you tell us more about them?

This year I introduced some new collections as well as an extension to my signature Braided line. My Braided Collection has a distinct pattern woven into the metal. It is how my customers can quickly spot my designs. The City Collection features new chain styles; Two tone metals (yellow and silver) (Silver and Rose Gold), as well as a variety of new chains. My Urban Deco collection was inspired by city life and is a new venture for me. The Navette Stone is a different shape than I’ve traditionally done.

What is special about your new collection that we haven’t seen from you before?

The items can be mixed with all of my collections to tie everything together. The collection feature lots of layering, doubling, removing the pendant to wear the chain alone. All my pieces are multi-functional. There is something for every woman.

Which shows did you attend this year?

We attended the ENK Show in NYC and The Box by Premier Class in Paris in the spring and fall.

Tell us a little about your experience with the Trade Shows.

The shows are so much fun. I get the chance to see all my fellow designers and everyone in the industry. This year I noticed that the buyers are coming less to the shows and focusing more on connecting with the companies through social media. This way they can be in constant contact with the designer and see fresh designs more frequently than once a year. This changes the way we do business because now we have customers that come back throughout the year instead of placing big orders once or twice during a trade show.

What would you like people to know about your new collections?

Our price points have been modified and now we can offer a look that is both beautiful and affordable. And we did so without compromising quality.

First model on left is wearing the Cluster Coin Oxidized silver, Gold plate chain. I love this simple old world look, that I can wear it with black, navy blues, whites or any other accessory to bring out the rare texture that define a distinctive look.