New Tendency in our Fashion Industry

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In 2014, I was in Paris attending The Premier Class fashion trade show as a vendor. I began to notice that our buyers were shopping differently for their store customers. In short, they were searching for products that were architecturally more structured. Within this structured look, they wanted both spectrums: pieces that were minimalist in design and pieces that were heavy and textured.

I called my design team in to explore this structural evolution in the fashion market. As a result of several meetings with my team and intense consumer research, we reached our interpretation of this trend in the fashion industry and are very proud of our new collections.

The Hammered Collection derives its inspiration from the Ottoman Empire while also having modern influences. You will see texture, oxidized silver, and hammered gold. These combinations cater well to our sophisticated clients who have an affinity for world travel.

Our Coin Collection combines both heavy and light spectrum. You will see light-weight layered necklaces with coin charms. It carries two toned elements that are boho chic. There are multiple ways to wear these pieces which caters to today’s dynamic woman who wants to be playful but not compromise her elegance.

The Minimalist Collection speaks for itself in its simplicity. You will sense an epic beauty in the silver diamonds and 14k rose gold diamonds used as a metal base. This collection is bringing a look to our customers who want timeless but distinctive pieces that transcend generations.